How can a person know if our approach will help?

What types of conditions respond to nutritional and intravenous treatments?

There are a number of variables that affect our physical and mental health.

Obviously our physiology is strongly influenced by the nutrients and hormones that bathe every cell. Every tissue has nutrient needs.  Reduce these nutrients and the tissue suffers.  This includes every gland and organ, the brain, muscles, nervous system… every single one of them, and eventually leads to specific and general symptoms.

Therefore the quality of food and the quantity of nutrients have a tremendous influence on how we feel, both physically and emotionally.

Therefore the basis of “molecular medicine” is to not necessarily treat a disease, but to reestablish the health of the tissues of the body by providing them with what they need.  This is why such a wide variety of conditions respond favorably to such a simple approach.  It follows the ways of nature.


When scheduling the initial consultation we try to take into consideration the need of each individual.  This is what to expect.

Usually the first appointment is set for 45 minutes.

You will immediately be forwarded by email or postal mail our Intake Questionnaire.  Bring this completed questionnaire as well as any previous lab results to your appointment.

During your first appointment Dr. Haskell will review the following with you;

  • Lab results
  • Answers to your questionnaire
  • Review of your symptoms
  • Your medical and family history
  • A brief physical exam

At the end of this appointment Dr. Haskell will explain and review all of the above, along with specific suggestions.

Further lab testing may be requested if Dr. Haskell believes it is absolutely necessary.  This additional testing is often needed when physicians have not ordered adequate testing especially for thyroid, adrenal, and hormonal dysfunction.  If your physician has ordered the appropriate tests then of course further testing will not be required.

This 45 minute appointment is usually adequate for most people.  If you feel that your case is very straightforward or simple you can schedule less time, say 30 minutes.  If you feel your condition is more complex, then you may reserve more time.

The cost for the 45 minute visit is $150, if a longer or shorter time is needed then billing is based upon an hourly rate of $200.

As far as scheduling an intravenous protocol, each person must first have an initial consultation.

We avoid insurance companies like the plague, however we are able to accept payments through the FLEX Spending Plan.