Molecular Medicine

Molecular Medicine

“Molecular Medicine” provides effective means of reestablishing optimal levels of all nutrients and hormones required by the body for health and vitality, thus supporting the regeneration of healthy tissues both of the body and mind.


This subject of nutrition seems pretty simple…just eat healthier foods.

This is true, but then why are there thousands of books on nutrition, dieting, eating right for your type, and blah, blah, blah.

And in most cases, when it comes down to it people generally end up eating what they like, staying on specific “diets” for only a short period of time.

The problem with diets or nutritional programs is that each person’s body is unique and it requires its own certain type of fuel.  The right fuel will be burned or oxidized efficiently.  This is a fact, there are different fuels for different folks.

This is why the Atkin’s diet works really well for some people and not for others, why some people function better on a complex carbohydrate and lean protein program.  We are each unique and different.

Dr. Haskell spent 5 years researching and testing the pH of patient’s saliva, urine, and blood.  The more the pH of these fluids were in less than optimal range, usually the sicker the person was. The body has many internal mechanisms for maintaining optimal pH levels, but when a person’s health begins to falter, their ability to keep the blood and urine at an optimal pH becomes compromised.

One of the best ways to assist the body’s self-regulating mechanisms is to eat foods that help to shift the pH back to more normal or optimal.

“I must have tested over 500 people during that time, tested their blood, saliva, and urine for pH before and after a glucose tolerance test.  It took us around 2 hours to do each person and it was grueling for us, as well as the patient.  Then with their results I’d recommend a nutritional program based upon the work and research of Dr. Watson and Dr. Kristal.”

After seeing that many patient results it became obvious during a person’s first interview which biological or psycho-chemical type they were.  So I stopped testing after that 5 year period.  This saved us all a lot of time.”

This same approach, of improving the pH of the blood and urine is true for nutrient supplements and IVs as well.  Certain categories of nutrients are best for one type of individual while another category is better suited to another.

To provide some deeper understanding of this subject, we’ve included some cases having to do with nutrition and supplements that vastly improved health and vitality.  We think you’ll be impressed with the changes that people experienced with their health when they shifted their diet and took a few specific nutrients.

You can read over these cases under the page Clinical Pearls.