Alternative Medicine

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The core problem with medicine today is that we have raised generations of physicians who believe that treating disease without drugs or scalpels is quackery and ineffective.

The public also remains susceptible to the belief that drugs are curative.  Sometimes pharmacy is absolutely necessary but it is commonly accepted that drugs correct but do not cure.

The approach of Alternative Medicine is to see each person as an individual and not just a disease or a diagnosis.  This perspective requires a deeper and more personalized examination including their specific symptoms, lab test results, family history, their environment, lifestyle and eating habits.

Using what’s termed ‘molecular medicine’ we take into account the person’s biology, physiology, biochemistry and psychology.  We strive to consider everything that has impacted their health.

One fundamental principle of Alternative Medicine is a belief in the body’s innate ability to heal itself through self-regulation.  Our approach then is to support this inherent ability through the combination of nutritional and environmental medicine.