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Looking for an alternative?

Been handed yet another prescription and now you’re searching for other options?

Physical and mental health problems result from a number of causes and depleted nutrients and poor diets are at the top of the list.  The body and mind will thrive when it’s given all the nutrients it requires.

Drugs do have a role in medicine but they do not support health.  They may be able to control symptoms but they do not address the cause of why a person is ill.

Consider the miracles which nature provides.  Our primary focus is on the restoration of health.

A fundamental principle of “Alternative Medicine” is a belief in the body’s ability to self-regulate and to restore health as long as we provide what the body needs to repair and to rejuvenate.  And the first choice, the foundation, for the  recovery of health must focus on food and nutrients.

The challenge in nutritional medicine or “molecular medicine” is to understand each person’s individual requirements, what we refer to as their biochemical and psycho-chemical type.  This is determined through lab testing, the review of symptoms and a physical exam.

Imagine the Libra scale with its two side.  The restoration of health requires tipping the scales from the disease side towards the healthy side.

On the healthy side we place all that is good; this is where eating foods and taking specific nutrients according to one’s type comes into play as well as fresh air and clean water, physical movement, sunshine and rest.

On the disease side we must take away what is harming us; toxins and chemicals, chronic infections (viral, fungal & bacterial), drugs, excess alcohol and caffeine, basically anything that weakens us.

This is a very basic, simple and effective approach.  We are providing what the body requires while removing that which we know causes sickness.

Of course through lab testing we must know what kind of biochemical and hormonal problems exist, how far the body is out of equilibrium.  This must be a part of the assessment and is routine for a well-done medical assessment.  We must know the underlying physiology and biochemistry and to be able to assess the degree or severity of a person’s condition.  This is just good medical practice.

Fatigue, apathy, chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, addictions, etc. are often the outward expression of biochemical and hormonal imbalances.  By correcting the chemistry through nutrition and supplements and removing harmful toxins most of these problems will disappear.

Our approach then is simple.

First, assess the cause or causes of the person’s condition.

Second, restore optimal levels of nutrients through nutrition and specific supplements.

Third, if needed, use intravenous nutrient protocols which are formulated from vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and amino acids depending upon the specific needs of the person.

Finally, free the body of any stored toxins.

I know these principles are a new way of thinking, to believe that our bodies have the innate ability to restore health if we simply give it what it needs.  It is counter intuitive in a society which has become so indoctrinated in the belief that drugs are the solution.

We may feel that we are sick but at our inner core we are whole.  It does require time and the faith to believe that within each of us is a miraculous ability to restore health and wellness.  It does take time.  It does require changing habits.  It does mean living a life in greater awareness.   It does require taking more responsibility.

Give us a call.  We are an incredible resource for true health-care.