Are you looking for an alternative?  Have you been handed another prescription and are now searching for another option?  Could your physical and mental health be restored by the simple use of specific nutrients in optimal doses?  Physical, mental and emotional vitality has seldom been achieved through a synthetic drug.  Sometimes they are necessary, but only for the short run.

The body and mind thrive on the nutrients found in food, yet some people have become …..so depleted that they require nutritional supplements.

And then there are those who are ill, who have been to every doctor but they still don’t have an answer.  There are those who have been given an answer, along with a prescription, and still don’t feel all that much better.

Considering the miracles which nature has to offer, the problem might simply be due to the lack of specific nutrients.

In fact, you can read several cases of just this in the Clinical Pearls section on the homepage. You can read about people’s mental and physical health making remarkable changes just through eating nutritious foods and taking supplements.

Our primary focus is on the restoration of specific nutrients based upon each individual’s biochemical and psycho-chemical fingerprint.  This is determined through lab testing as well as a review of symptoms and a physical exam.

There are two very simple approaches in the restoration of health.  Health is a matter of finding the balance by tipping the scales away from disease towards health.

On the healthy side of the scale we intentionally place all that is good; wholesome foods, specific nutrients, fresh air, clean water, physical movement, sunshine, rest and a spiritual orientation to life.

On the disease side, we must remove what is harming us; toxins, chemicals, any chronic viral, fungal or bacterial infections, drugs, excess alcohol and caffeine.  Basically it’s anything that wears us down or is a burden.

Physical Chemistry or Molecular Medicine

Physical and mental health depend upon the biochemistry which bathes every cell and tissue of our body.  This chemistry includes our blood sugar, a wide range of hormones (thyroid, adrenal, insulin, progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone to name a few), fats and lipids, white and red blood cells, and many others.  All of these continuously flow through us, in the river that is our blood, influencing how we function, how we think, and our moods every minute of every day and night.

Fatigue, apathy, chronic pain, anxiety, and addictions are often simply the outward expression of biochemical imbalances.  Correct the chemistry, and most often these problems sink away.

Our approach then, is to restore optimal levels of nutrients through food, supplements, intravenous vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals, and the use of amino acids to rebuild neural receptors in the brain.  Nutrients affect the production of hormones from the endocrine system and the thyroid, influencing our body’s ability to convert food into vitality. They also affect the levels and balance of all the brain’s neurotransmitters, and the utilization and optimal balance of the main source of energy, blood glucose.

At the core of this twin approach is the belief that the body possesses an innate capacity to restore health.  Every great and knowledgeable physician has recognized that it is nature that heals while the physician is there to simply assist.