What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

“Within 6 weeks of taking my new prescription and supplement I could tell a noticeable difference.  I was at a breaking point and now I have quality of life.  It’s seems crazy to me that I had been to so many Dr’s and none of them seemed to listen and understand what problems I was dealing with until I came upon Dr. Haskell.  Dr. Haskell is amazing and so very knowledgeable.  I can’t thank him enough.  He has changed my life …..around.”  Stefanie W.

“Thank you again for your help and kindness.  You are doing a great job for our patients and I’m also happy for them that they have you and that they have a chance to get that kind of treatment.  You helped me so much already right at a time when I didn’t know how to deal with my antibodies anymore.  Thank you.  Katarina R.

“I feel that if it were not for you the heart attach would probably have gotten me.  You helped me build back up so much, and improved so many things.  You have so much to offer and I think the world of  women in North America are blessed.”  Fran J.

“The vitalizing effect upon health when the metabolic endocrine machine within us is properly nourished, cared for and tuned through lab testing, Dr. Haskell’s guidance and supplemental nutrition is a very desirable and achievable goal to one seeking self-health.”  Art G.

“Thank you and thanks to Dr. Haskell for ordering the blood test;  who knows how long I’d had this?  I appreciate the recommendations.  It worked!”  Debbie V.

“Thanks so much for my appt. with Dr. Haskell.  It was very informative and gives me great hope that I am on the right path to health and wellness.  I have spent so many years of searching and visiting doctor after doctor…all telling me that nothing is wrong with my thyroid and then pushing anti-depressants at me.  Thank goodness I haven’t given up and now finally found a doctor that will actually treat me for this Hashimoto’s disease.  Please send him my heartfelt gratitude.”  Patti G.